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Science Week Activities

13-21 August 2016

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Al-Hidayah Islamic School, in connection with the Australian curriculum, organised an incursion with SciTech allowing students to experience some fun and interesting aspects of science and how we use science in our everyday lives.

For the National Science week we wanted students to enjoy themselves whilst also focusing on Quality science outcomes and linking the incursion and class work with the Science curriculum.

The Pre-Primary to Year 2 students discovered the power of bubbles from the tiny to the giant and explored their scientific properties. They also learnt how bubbles are made and what happens when they’re set off.

The junior students thoroughly enjoyed the experiments conducted by SciTech whilst learning about chemical science in the process.

The year 4 – 6 students discovered how people use the scientific process to create simple flying machines to complicated space bound rockets.

Through the use of experiments and probing questions, the SciTech team engaged our senior students and got them thinking about flight and aviation.

Students also created a poster on what they have learnt throughout the year and they were presented outside their classrooms for all the parents, students and visitors to see.

Alhumduillah Science week was a great success with students learning and enjoying the events conducted throughout the week.

In many verses of the Qur’an, Allah calls our attention to His creation. He invites people to ponder on the sophisticated and amazing systems within the natural world, so that we may come closer to Him. Students who are enrolled at this school will always connect what they learn in the classrooms to the Creator and we as Muslims believe that all knowledge comes from Allah the Almighty.

Wa alaikum assalam
Science Coordinator
Br Haythem Fouda

Click to Zoom
Scitech Incursion at Al-Hidayah

Click to Zoom
Scitech Presenting the power of bubbles

Click to Zoom
Pre-Primary using their special telescopes to look at the clouds.

Click to Zoom
Pre-Primary show us what they can see in the clouds

Click to Zoom
Pre-Primary's Robot - The weather man

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