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First Islamic Exhibition

9th June 2011

Alhamdulillah, Al-Hidayah Islamic School had their first Islamic Exhibition on the 9th of June 2011.

Each class took the responsibility to make posters, Islamic props and sculptures with detailed explanations.
These were exhibited in class and outside the classrooms. Each class had student speakers to explain to the parents and visitors about the theme of their exhibits.

Masha’Allah, the students worked hard on their projects for weeks and the school was abuzz with positive enthusiasm. The aim for this exhibition was to bring Islam into the curriculum through Literacy and Numeracy and give students the opportunity to showcase their understanding of the subject. The students had the opportunity to practise collaborative learning and cooperative skills while putting together this exhibition.

Not only was Islamic history researched, but it came alive with 3D props.  There were props depicting Nuh’s (AS) ship, Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) cave with the spider’s web, the Kaabah and its Hajj rituals and procedures and Salah props with explanations, amongst many others.

The interactive white board was used to show historical footage of Islam. We had around 90 parents attending the event and Bentley Primary sent their year 5/6 boys and girls to see the exhibition.  The students of Al-Hidayah School were keen to share Islamic knowledge with the visitors from Bentley Primary. It was an excellent way to make dawa of Islam. The students of our school were taught that dawa of Islam requires the display of utmost courteous manners and behaviour.  This awareness made our students behave courteously and show excellent Islamic behaviour, Masha’Allah.

Inshallah, Allah rewards all the teachers and the students for their effort and we get many more opportunities like this for communicating Islam to the public and amongst ourselves. May Allah Reward us all, Ameen.

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