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Students committed to water sustainability

12th September 2008 - The Examiner, Page 12

Water warriors at Al-Hidayah Islamic School were presented with the Waterwise award by the Water Corporation last Friday as the school was officially recognised as WA's 375th Waterwise school.

Principal Abdullah Khan said the water saving program began at the primary school in Bentley at the end of last year. "Students undertook many activities as part of the accreditation process which recognises their understanding and commitment to water sustainability," he said. "We think this is an important program to undertake because Islam has a strong emphasis on conservation and sustainability of water and gives special attention to water conservation.

Mr Khan explainerd that according to Islamic tradition, a Muslim is ordered to be economical with water.

Year six student Madihah Solahuddin said they built a mock water table to show how underground water resources could be used up. "When the water table fails as the aquifiers are over- pumped, the river can run dry:' she said.

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Students Madihah Solahuddin, Aimiza Haji Zaini, Sarah Saleh and Shamsa Mohamed Fowsi.

"Doing this experiment shows us the scary consequences if we don't use our water wisely.

"I also told my parents about water saving tips such as making sure our taps don't drip and to take shorter showers."

The Waterwise Schools Program aims to educate students, their families and the community about the need to value, pro¬tect and conserve water resources. The students are encouraged to pass on water information to their parents.

The Waterwise Schools Program

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Water Conservation in Islam

The Quran makes two clear statements regarding water that support water conservation. First, the supply of water is fixed, and second, it should not be wasted. The statement that water supply is fixed, and that therefore, at some point, demand must be managed because supplies cannot be infinitely increased is: "And We sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure." (23:18). The Quran then tells humans that they may use Allah's gifts for their sustenance in moderation, provided that they commit no excess therein: "O children of Adam, . . . eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He (Allah) likes not those who commit excess." (7:31)

The hadith (sayings of the prophet) are even more explicit. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) "used to perform ablution with one mudd of water [equal to 2/3 litre] and used to take a bath with one sa' up to five mudds [equal to 2 - 3.5 litres]." (Al-Bukhari 1.4.200) This hadith demonstrates the logical approach to sustainable water use in arid Arabia where the Prophet lived. However, the Prophet forbade waste even in conditions of seeming plenty when he said "Do not waste water even if performing ablution on the bank of a fast-flowing (large) river." (Al-Tirmidhi 427)

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