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National Science Week at Al-Hidayah

21 August 2006

AstronomyAl-Hidayah Islamic School, in collaboration with Curtin University, Murdoch University, the University of Western Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology and Scitech, organized a fun-filled week of science related activities to celebrate National Science Week (18-24 August).

Students from all classes participated in a variety of exciting interactive and hands on scientific activities, educational incursions, a poster competition, and a Science Quiz. Community members were invited to join in.

Synergy’s ‘World of Energy’ staff gave a presentation to the year 4 to 7 students on “Oil & Gas”. Representatives from the Departments of Astronomy and Chemistry at Curtin University gave presentations on planets and chemical reactions. The Department of Geology from the University of Western Australia gave presentations on the composition of the Earth and the hidden treasures within. The Bureau of Meteorology demonstrated activities related to measuring pressure, wind speed and weather effects. The whole school also enjoyed a Scitech incursion.

Amongst our special guests at the Science Quiz were the Hon. Kate Doust MLC South Metropolitan, Mr Steve Irons Federal Member for Swan, Dr Yarra Korczynskyj and Professor Colin Brown from Curtin University, Mrs Kelly Dawson WA National Science Week Coordinator, Mrs Keryl Caird Principal of Bentley Primary School and two international guests Mr & Mrs Riyanto Sofyan from the Madina Islamic School in Jakarta, Indonesia. A large number of parents attended the ceremony.

MicroscopeAll guests, parents and community members witnessed Al-Hidayah’s commitment to learning science in primary school, the importance we place on science in our curriculum and our enthusiasm in participating in the National Science Week celebrations. We hope next year’s celebrations will be just as successful!

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