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Literacy Improvement with Guided Reading

Al Hidayah Islamic School has embraced whole school improvement thanks to the hard work of Principal, Robert Mayze and his dedicated staff. Early results are positive and, a sense of excitement from teachers and students is evident.


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Native Tree Planting

Year 4 - Native Tree Planting and Care Project.

We are delighted that the City of Canning gave us 36 tube stock shrubs and trees worth $100 to plant in our school grounds. These native plants will attract biodiversity to our area and will provide a suitable habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.  


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Excursion to Cuddly Animal Farm

On 17th of May, The Pre-Primary students went on an excursion to Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm as a part of our class theme: Animal kingdom.

The students learnt about different kinds of animals, and how to take care of animals.

At the animal farm, the students engaged in different types of activities, for example, bottle and bucket feeding, cuddling/ nursing the bunnies and guinea pigs,...  


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Cute and Cuddly bunny rabbits and guinea pigs.

Malaysian School Visit

Recently we enjoyed a visit from Al-Amin Tropicana School in Malaysia.   

A group of 19 students with their Principal Sr. Nik Asmawati Nik Abdul Aziz and a group of teachers and parents spent Monday and Tuesday 20th and 21sth March with us. 


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Principal of Al-Hidayah Islamic School, Ridhwan Mayze, with Principal Sr. Nik Asmawati Nik Abdul Aziz.

Hajj / Eid-ul Adha Assembly

On Friday, the 9th of September, the 7th of Dhul-Hijjah 1437H, Al-Hidayah Islamic School held a special Eid Assembly to keep the spirit of Hajj alive for our students during these precious ten days of Dhul-Hijjah and to celebrate Eid-ul Adha.


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Pre-Primary students perform a mini-hajj

Fun Science Week Activities

Al-Hidayah Islamic School, in connection with the Australian curriculum, organised an incursion with Scitech allowing students to experience some fun and interesting aspects of science and how we use science in our everyday lives.


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The power of bubbles

Nurturing Leadership Roles and fostering Islamic values

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. We would like to start by thanking all the parents for their ongoing support. Jazakum Allahu khairan for your dedication towards your children's religious education.

We continue to nurture leadership roles and foster Islamic values such as maintaining good relationships with Allah (swt) and with our Muslim brothers and sisters, a theme that was addressed by our Year 5 student, Abdullah Ali, in his Friday Khutbah.


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Abdullah Ali preparing for Friday Khutba

Stronger Families, Stronger Communities

Alhamdulillah, Nine students from Al-Hidayah Islamic School were winners in this years Communicare National Families Week drawing competition 2015.


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Winners Group

iPads Boost Iqraa and Quran Reading

iPads have been introduced into the Islamic Studies Classes to enhance and assist in the learning process.

The iPads are an invaluable learning tool as they assist the remedial students as well as allowing the accelerated learners to learn at their own pace.

Students are excited to use iPads as it is the first thing they ask us for when they step into the Musallah.


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Year 6 Girls memorising Quran with iPads

Sports Day

Al-Hidayah Islamic School held their sports day on Wednesday the 22nd October 2014.

Al-Hamdulillah! The weather was magnificent. Blue skies and a warm spring sun were cooled down by patchy clouds and a nice breeze.


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Beautiful weather for the Sports Day

Ramadaan Kareem!

Year 3/4 Girls wishing everyone a Ramadaan Kareem with their creative masjids filled with almond stuffed dates and date coconut balls.


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Year 4 Girls with their creative masjids.

Walk Safely to School Day

FRIDAY was Walk Safely to School Day and students from Bentley Al-Hidayah Islamic School joined thousands of school children taking part in the nationwide event.

The day aims to encourage all primary school children to walk and commute safely to school, while promoting road safety,  health, public transport and the environment to the wider community. 


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Sr. Supreeya instructs pre-primary students, Mohammad and Nada, on how to safely cross the road.

2000 Community Project

Sign In 2000 was a community project undertaken in WA in 1999 to produce an inlaid path of ceramic tiles surrounding the Bell Tower.

School students from all around WA were invited to take part in Sign In 2000, offering them the opportunity to sign their names into history.

In 1999, students from Al-Hidayah Islamic School signed thier name on a piece of paper which would be transfered onto ceramic tiles that would then be paved into a pathway which sat as a monument outside the Perth Bell tower, which was constructed at the same time.


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Students signatures on tiles at the Bell Tower

Harmony Day - 21 March 2014

The message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs. It is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world.

Our school participated by attending the celebrations at Bentley Park. The years 5/6 boys and girls participated in the art exhibition.

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Posters by our students at Harmony Day

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